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Home Security Systems

Home burglaries make up 2/3 of the millions of burglaries committed every year. That means private property was stolen and precious memories gone forever, not to mention the awful feeling of violation. With the installation of a home security system, your home is two to three times less likely to be burglarized than a home without a home security system.

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Home Security System

Home Guard Alarm Monitoring System

4 Levels of Protection

  • Yard Sign - Clear indication that your home is protected

  • Warning Decals - Displayed in the most likely "entry points" to deter would-be burglars

  • Loud Siren - If alarm is triggered, high-decibel siren alerts nearby people and scares off intruder

  • 24 Hour Monitoring - Home Guard Alarm will send the authorities to your home if the alarm is not disarmed

Successful business owners understand that no one person has all of the experience and knowledge needed to ensure that their business operates effectively and profitably. Even the smallest business requires the occasional service of an outside professional and must maintain a tight budget in order to be successful.

Tailored to your own business needs, Home Guard Alarm provides your business with comprehensive security solutions, including the latest video surveillance systems. Whatever your needs, we would be delighted to design a system around them.

Business Security Systems

Some of the Home Guard Alarm Monitored Business System Benefits you will enjoy:

  • Easily keep records of employee whereabouts

  • Be alerted via pager when an emergency occurs or system status changes

  • Easy update information for new and terminated employees for added security

  • Be able to arm and/or disarm your system from a remote location

  • Provide employee access control by time and area

  • Always customizable to your specific business needs and as your business grows

  • Peace of mind for you and your employees

Home Alarm System